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Combo Pack Male

A pair of Murgs V2 knee sleeves plus an Athletic T-Shirt in one top notch combination. The Murgs 7mm V2 knee sleeves are the perfect pair of sleeves combining multiple critical features to make the most optimal product available. Improved joint stability Knee pain relief Constant knee and joint temperature to maintain joint fluid lubrication Limits patella deviation and guides tracking Increased blood flow Lowers chance of injury Speeds recovery Improved proprioception - the ability to feel the position of a joint by the central nervous system The Cool Fit Athletic T-Shirt is the first in the Murgs athletic wear range. An athletic fit hugs the arms and upper body with straight sides that fall perfectly. Manufactured from Neoteric™ textured fabric, UPF 30+ UV protection and an excellent fit, it's an ideal T-shirt for training. 100% 140gsm polyester performance t-shirts made with custom Neoteric™ textured fabric Size Guide (approximate) - Men's (Chest) Small - 38 inches Medium - 40 inches Large - 43 inches X-Large - 46 inches More sizes available in the near future.