Hand Tape/Kinesiology Tape - Lucky Dip (Random colours)

  • Rolls are 5m Uncut by 5cm wide in 12 colours.

    Murgs hand tape is ideal for wrapping, and strapping thumbs, hands and wrists. Preventing abrasion and rubbing on the bar whilst improving grip. Our tape can be used for supporting and stabilising joints such as the knee, shoulder, elbow, feet, back and hands. Our tape is also very effective to strap and wrap hands and thumbs to prevent tearing and cuts.

    Our tape is Latex free, Waterproof and long lasting. We know the demands required for sports and events like Crossfit and Weightlifting so designed our tape to be extra sticky with a long lasting adhesive.


    Murgs Kinesiology tape is best removed from bigger patches of skin with baby oil applied directly to the tape. Tape will pull out hairs if oil is not used to remove it.

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