FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Topics covered and questions answered;

  • Returns, Refunds and Exchanges
  • Warranty/Guarantee
  • How do I measure myself?
  • What size sleeves do I need?
  • International Shipping 
  • Care instructions


Returns, Refunds and Exchanges

We acknowledge that sometimes mistakes are made, and we appreciate that. If you order the wrong size, colour or looking for a refund - we'll be happy to refund or exchange the items, no questions asked.

Customers looking for a refund or exchange will need to email us within 30 days of purchase. You will be eligable for a refund assuming you have emailed us within the 30 days even if the refund takes place after 30 days.

The buyer will need to pay shipping to return the items to the address given through the email returns procedure for refund or exchange. We will cover costs for shipping to send out the replacement or exchanged item.

If an item is needing to be resent it will be re sent 2nd class regardless of the original shipping choosen due to it being a fault of Royal Mail rather than ourselves. We apologise for the inconvenience. 

The email address for returns is Contact@Murgs.co.uk


We offer a 6 month warranty on all sleeves and clothing purchased via the online store or from a retailer. Proof of purchase is required in the form of the order number found on the order confirmation email, or paperwork included with your order. Issues covered in the warrenty are; splitting or seperation of stitching. Any problems caused due to lack of care or negligence (ie. Not following correct washing instructions) will not be covered by the warranty. 

 How do I measure myself?

Keep your knee slightly bent at about 30° and meausre the circumfrence around the leg, roughly 10cm below the patella (Knee cap). We advise using a flexible tape measure.

Any problems, please shoot us an email at Contact@Murgs.co.uk 

What size sleeves do I need? 

Using our size chart is the best and easiest way to determine which sleeves you'll require. Our sleeves are a moderate to tight fit which is how they designed and we deem to utilise the most positive effects. 

If you measure inbetween two sleeves, we may recomend you go up a size.

If unsure about what size you require, please don't hesitate to shoot us an email. We'd happily guide you and give suggestions to sizing as this reduces the chance for you to need to exchange the item making the buying process much easier and simpler.

The email address for size questions and queries is Contact@Murgs.co.uk


Warning: Wearing a smaller size than reccomended may reduce the life of the sleeves. Our sleeves optimal lifespan is designed around the suggested fit seen in the size chart above and will decrease with incorrectly sized sleeves.

International Shipping

We now offer international shipping to a majority of destinations. Due to the nature of us shipping items from the UK internationally, shipping costs are expensive. To combat this we've choosen to use an economy shipping plan whist still subsiding the shipping rates covering as much as 50% of the cost ourselves. International shipping is just £6.99. 

The only issue with international delivery we like to advise customers on is returns. It may be costly for a customer to return an item as this is a cost the customer would cover. Please follow all size guides and if unsure at all, shoot us an email at Contact@murgs.co.uk. We'd much prefer to get you the correct size first time. 

Care Instructions

Murgs sleeves need to be washed at 40°C or less and can be machine washed. Must be left to air dry. We reccomend leaving the sleeves in an open aerated space overnight. Stritcly do not iron or apply any direct heat eg; tumble dryer, hair dryer or radiator.