Murgs Affiliate Infomation

Murgs athlete affiliate programme

The Murgs Affiliate programme is our way of giving back to customers and enthusiasts who share their positive experience using Murgs products.

To do this, we want to give exclusive products, discounts and more importantly commission.

When you sign up, you'll be initially rewarded with a 30% discount code for anything at This is larger than any other code we issue and is a truly exclusive discount and works for only one order at This code is for personal use only. Since we're only choosing Murgs affiliates who already believe in the brand, this is simply an initial thank you for your continued support.


Once you're signed up and everything is finalised, your code will go live.

New affiliates will be assigned a discount code automatically upon approval. This discount code will be one of the methods used to track the sales and commissions earned. This code will give the customer 10% off their purchase as well as record the total spend for commission earned.

This code can be changed to personalise it. If required, please let us know.

As well as a code, the athlete will be given a link which will track the value of any purchases made and attribute that to the athlete's pay out. The link offers a 7 day sale window meaning if a purchase is made within that 7 days, regardless of the code used, it's attributed to the athlete's account. Although the link may look random, it's specific to you and links all sales back to yourself.


This programme rewards the sale of any products at with a commission of 15% of the order total.

Commissions are earned when a sale is made as a result of the athlete referring Murgs. Commissions are paid out on the first week of the new month to PayPal exclusively so it's essential to connect your PayPal account.


Due to the nature of this programme being aimed at those who are already Murgs enthusiasts, we have only chosen athletes who already own gear and equipment from Murgs. The reason for this is because we only want to reward genuine referrals based on experience, not the potential earnings. 

There may be times when we select certain affiliates to receive new gear, products and equipment, but complementary or promotional Murgs gear will not be available on request. 

When products are given to athletes for promotion, you can see these in the 'Gifts' section of the Shopify Collabs login and you can designate the address you wish them to be sent to. Please ensure the address is correct as we may not be able to send another product if mistakes are made.

We plan to give athletes exclusive and limited edition products with some already in the works, so stay tuned for those.


If a product or order is returned, the commission earned will be deducted from the total you've accrued. If the item is returned after a commission payment is made, It will be deducted from future earnings.


Throughout the year we run organised promotions and sale events. We reserve the right to change the standard commission amount for particular periods at our discretion. The commission on various products may change depending on affiliate promotions too and these can be checked within the affiliate portal under products. 


If you have any concerns, questions or need more information on any area please email us at