Murgs Pro Rope

The only rope you need.

Rope comes with a Black 10 foot long 3.4mm diameter high tensile steel cable encased in nylon and another cable of your choice.

Additional rope choices:

1x 2.5mm Black nylon encased speed rope

1x 3.4mm Red nylon encased rope (the same as the standard black rope it comes with)

Ropes are one size and designed to be cut to length using pliers then locked into the handle.

Machined from high grade aluminium and fitted with a smooth high speed bearing to allow the rope to move as fast as possible.


Fully adjustable rope length using the hidden allen key found in the base of each handle. No need to bring a tool kit to the gym and no chance of losing the key!

We advise you cut the rope 3-4 inches longer on both sides to allow some cable to tuck away in the handle to ensure its always adjustable and never too short. Additional ropes are also available if needed. 

This bundle comes also in a branded Murgs reusable felt bag. 

Product comes with a 12 month warranty on the handles from date of purchase. Ropes however are a consumable item and can degrade over time depending what surface you skip on such as concrete, tarmac or rubber. Additional ropes available for a small fee.

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