Red 2.5mm Cable

  • Skipping rope cables don't last forever, especially when used hard, outdoor surfaces.

    This particular replacement cable is 10 feet long and 2.5mm diameter. The cable is made from high tensile steel cable encased in nylon to keep enough weight to whip around while maintaining momentum and speed.

    The nylon casing keeps the rope in tact and protected for frequent, high volume skipping but the cables life depends on the surface underneath you. It's advised not to skip too frequently on hard abrasive surfaces like Tarmac, Asphalt and Concrete due to it wearing down the outer nylon casing to expose the inner steel cable. If that's your only option it may be worth putting something down under you like a towel or thin sheet of fabric.

    Not only does this cable fit the Murgs Pro Rope it's suitable for a majority of others too.

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